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Langer Lodge/Panama Reserve Hut

Langer Lodge/Panama Reserve Hut is located in the heart of the Panama Reserve Le Bons Bay and offers a comfortable accommodation service at a reasonable rate. The hut is self-contained and it constitutes seven bunk-beds and provides cooking, BBQ, hot shower and heating facilities. There are pletnty of walking tracks in the reserve. If you want to connect with nature and explore the natual biodiversity than Panama Reserve Hut is the answer.

Advance bookings are essential. Please contact us to make a reservation.

Josef Langer Charitable Trust

The Josef Langer Charitable Trust (JLCT) was formed as a result of a bequest from the estate of Josef Langer, a European immigrant to New Zealand who had worked as an electronics engineer for Air New Zealand. His two good friends, Simon Mortlock and Oliver Bramer became trustees of his estate and after several field trips and meetings, it was decided that after satisfying Josefs desire to help protect the big cats of Africa (this was done through donations to Orana Park to rebuild the Lion and Tiger enclosures), the remaining funds would be available for projects on the ‘Wildside’ of Banks Peninsula New Zealand. Josef Langer has a passionate interest in natural history. Hence, in 2005, The Josef Langer Charitable Trust was established to support conservation. The JLCT has funds for allocation for the benefit of conservation on Banks Peninsula.