Please follow these guidelines when accessing Langer Lodge and Panama Stream Family Campsite.   It is advisable to travel along the Summit Road and down into Le Bons Bay via the Main Road (it is best to ignore Google Maps as that will direct you to the ‘shortest route’ via Camerons Track which is steep and dangerous). After approx 5km, turn sharp left before the bridge onto Panama Road. This road is unsealed, narrow, and gets progressively steeper. Camp access, just after the 2nd bridge, is fine for 2wd vehicles, however, rear-wheel drive or 4wd is recommended to reach the main access point to Langer Lodge which is 2.7ks from the intersection. An option for less suitable vehicles is to park up at the 2k sign recommending 4wd only and walking the final few hundred meters to the entrance. Once there the Lodge is an easy grade 20min walk.  

Finally, it is also recommended you time your arrival for daylight hours as there is no power or phone coverage should you need assistance.

Vehicles are not permitted pass the car park.

NOTE: Reserve is dog friendly and available at anytime without bookings for walking access.